Welcome to our Sleep Tribe

Sleep is not a luxury just because you are a parent. Now, more than ever, it is essential in promoting your health and well-being and bringing balance to you and your little one’s life.

About Me

I am based in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia. My aim is to provide families with the help they need to get a well-rested home.

For me, becoming a sleep specialist was about empowering parents to remember that wanting and needing sleep is not something to feel guilty about. We teach our little ones to sleep because it is a basic need. But it’s a skill that they are not born with – it needs to be taught.

What our Parents say

“I am so grateful for Rested Tribe. My 6month old is now having regular day sleeps, sleeping 12 hours solid at night time and…. NO DUMMY!!!
So grateful for Nez and her soft approach, her amazing tips and her understanding of our family and how we work. Thank you so much for changing our lives and keeping us well rested.”


“The plan provided to us was tailored to our routine and needs. Nez was always there to offer advice or answer questions which made it so easy to implement, and we were all sleeping so much more within days. Thank you!”

Adelina & Aiden

” So grateful for Rested Tribe! Bub started waking every 45 minutes to an hour. I was one exhausted mum. After working with Nez and getting so much help and support, our family is now getting sleep again and we are all so much more settled. Can’t say thank you enough.”


“I was lucky to always have a great little night sleeper but after a fortnight of sickness I suddenly couldn’t get my 7 month old back to her sleeping ways & was a very tired Mumma! After just a few days help from Nez she is nodding off happily for all her sleeps again. A tired Mum can’t think logically & I was definitely confusing my bub & creating bad habits. Thanks for your gentle help Nez, you’re a life saver!”


“I would highly recommend Nez to any and every parent!! She helped us with our newborn and I can happily report that the methods Nez use worked wonders for us and we are all getting more sleep in our household!!! Nez is very understanding and was very easy to work with, tailoring our program to meet our needs and suit our baby! No question was too silly and many of our sleep issues were solved through suggestions from Nez which we are so thankful for.”


Rested Tribe came highly recommended & I now totally understand why. From the moment I got in touch, all communication has been lovely, supportive, professional & so helpful! Everything has been tailored to us- our children & our family. Regular updates, feedback & changes have been made as and when needed. We feel educated & able to help our whole family sleep better! Thank you Nez.


“Narelle worked with my husband and I to develop a sleep plan and routine for our 7 week old little girl. Our little girl wasn’t sleeping unless she was being held, she wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet and would cry every time we put her down. She was so hard to get to sleep and was constantly overtired and cranky.  I consulted with Narelle about how to implement the sleep plan and she walked me through every step and the ways in which I should implement each one. I was in contact with Narelle when I had questions and she was very fast to respond and adapt the sleep plan when required. She was so helpful and easy to work with. After one week of our sleep plan our little girl was sleeping independently in her bassinet, and self settling. She is now so much happier in her own bed and if she does wake up throughout her sleep she will settle herself back to sleep (unless she is hungry).  Narelle also gave me steps and techniques for moving into the future as baby gets older and requires a different pattern of sleep.  I am so happy with the plan and advice that Narelle provided and I would highly recommend her services to anyone with a baby who is struggling with their little ones sleep, or even if you just want to get your baby into good sleep habits. She is amazing!”

One very happy Mumma

“My days now are no longer supported by caffeine but sleep thanks to the help and knowledge Nez gave us.  My 14 month old (second child) was still co sleeping and waking every couple of hours. Because of Nez and her guidance we have now a “rested tribe” sleeping 12 hours straight in her own cot. A massive thank you Nez.”


We are so grateful for the help and advise we received from Nez. With her gentle approach and support we managed to get everything back on track and our little lady now sleeps 12 hours a night. My only regret is not contacting her for help sooner! Thank you so much Rested Tribe!


“My whole family is getting more sleep thanks to Rested Tribe! Nez was so great to work with, really understood what we wanted to achieve and worked with us to make it happen. Bub was just shy of 5 months when Nez helped with moving her to her own room, ditching the dummy and sleeping for longer stretches overnight. As a new Mum you expect to get such little sleep and for it to be hard. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right support and guidance you can feel confident implementing strategies to make it easier for you and your whole family will be more rested and happier as a result.”


“So grateful for the help and support I received from Nez. Baby number 3 suffered from reflux and wind as a newborn and day sleeps were often had in my arms. When symptoms calmed down at 5 months, I then struggled to settle bub in his cot and he began waking through the night, sometimes every hour. Nez provided me with gentle settling strategies and a customised plan, which helped create restful day sleeps for bub, leading to restful night sleeps for all.”


I attended the Mums and Bubs session with my baby this week and can’t recommend these sessions enough. Like a lot of new mums I’ve been googling non-stop about sleep and the 4 month regression that we’ve just started and Nez took all my stress and anxiety away. I instantly felt better after the session. I’d been putting unnecessary pressure on myself and my baby. Nez reassured me to do what is right for our family and provided us with lots of tips and advice that have been so helpful already.


“I did a Mums and Bubs sleep session with Nez today and it was so informative! I learnt so much and I already feel like I’m so much more prepared for the next few months and years of sleep with my little man. Nez has a style that accommodates all types of parents, no judgements or strict rules with sleep, just super handy tips and methods to try, to discover what fits your family. Thank you Nez!”


“This household loves Nez. We struggled with Our little mans sleep for a while and I finally reached out to the lovely Nez for support. His sleep started to improve from Day 1 of implementing our individualised plan. Best thing I ever did! We are so grateful for Nez’s gentle approach to sleep. Lenny is a different baby and is now so much more content and getting much better quality sleep (and so are we). 100% recommend Rested Tribe.”


What I Offer

I am a certified sleep consultant for little ones from birth to 5 years. I work in with your values and lifestyle as a family…

My Consultations & Classes:

  • Phone Consultation 0-5 yrs
  • Customised Plan with Support 6-18 mths
  • Customised Plan 6-24 mths
  • Mums + Bubs Class 0-12 mths

My Sleep Guides:

  • 4-6 month Survival Guide
  • Toddler Program
  • Age Appropriate Routines.

Areas I Help With

I cover a wide range of areas that can affect your little one’s sleep. Some of these include:

Early Rising
Linking Cycles
Re-settling Techniques
Cot to Bed
Overnight Wakeups
Dummy Dependency
Toddlers and Bedtime
Feeding/Rocking to Sleep
Transition from Co-sleeping

Plus so much more

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