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Sleep Services

There is no “one-fits-all” approach in helping your little one sleep better. What works for you, wont work for someone else. For this reason, I go through each case individually and come up with a plan that suits you, fitting in with your everyday commitments and parenting style.

If there is a reason, I don’t think I can help you- I will let you know.

Below are the services I offer. If you have a question on which service will be right for you, please contact me here.

We do so much planning for the actual birth of our little ones but then we get home and, besides organising their nursery, that’s usually where our preparation of this little human ends! In no way do I believe in sleep training new-born babies, but there is still so much that can be done to help improve sleep for the whole family during this time!

Having ticked this off now before bub comes will leave you feeling ready and confident to conquer the sleepless nights, rather than trying to find quick fixes while you are tired and busy as a new parent.

This program is best suited for first time parents and includes everything you need on understanding what your baby needs and how to implement it. Please note – once you have completed this program, you will not need to do the Newborn program.

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(0-5 Months)

Setting up the foundation.

The transition into newborn life can be hard, whether its your first time or not! During this consult I equip you as parents with knowledge on establishing healthy sleep habits right from the start.

This package includes:

  • A Newborn Sleep Plan for you to follow at home which includes:
  • Setting up your babies sleep environment in preparation for optimal sleep
  • Age appropriate awake times and biological nap windows
  • Recognising sleepy signs
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • Demonstration of ways to settle your baby and help in calming them when they are upset and so much more.
  • Plus we do a  45 min consult (face to face in consult room, via zoom or phone) to talk through the plan so you feel confident in implementing it.

You will also receive a copy of my Age Appropriate Routines to refer to as your baby grows.

This package is suitable from 0-5 months old. It does not include follow up support.

If the day/time in the online booking does not suit, please email me to arrange a different time: 

(Please note that due to bub’s age, this package is not sleep training but rather tips and guidance).

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(5 Months – 5 Years)

During this consult, we discuss a particular issue with your little ones sleep that you may need help navigating through.

While most sleep concerns require a specific plan and follow up care in order to see a change in their sleep patterns, some smaller issues can be resolved with a tweak in routine or guidance through a milestone.

We will discuss your concern in detail, along with environmental effects and feeding/napping routines. This can be done face to face in our consult room, via zoom or phone.

You will also receive a copy of my Age Appropriate Routines.

If after your consult you feel you would like a plan customised to you and your little one, the cost from this consult will come off the total of your Customised Plan.

Please allow 30 mins. Suitable for 5 months-5 years. This package does NOT include follow up support.

If the day/time in the online booking does not suit, please email me to arrange a different time:

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The most popular package by far!

Life is busy, so being able to adjust your babies sleep habits in the comfort of your own home makes it so much easier and causes less stress on the whole family. But rest assured, it is just as effective as an in home consult, which is what makes it so popular!

This package includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your babies sleep and eating habits
  • A customised sleep plan made especially to suit in with your needs and wants as a family
  • A phone consultation to go through your plan and cover off any questions you may have prior to starting
  • Two weeks of support while implementing the plan
  • Follow up advice to help you navigate the months to come.

Suitable for 6 months- 5 years.

If the day/time in the online booking does not suit, please email me to arrange a different time:

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   3-5 Years.

Once your little one hits 3 years old, they begin to understand things the way we do. They can start to test our boundaries and very quickly your good little sleeper can regress. This is also the age where we usually transition to a big bed. 

This plan is customised to you and gives you all the information you need to navigate through these years, safely and easily from the comfort of your own home!

You receive a 45 min consult (face to face in consult rooms, or via zoom or phone) along with a customised plan to follow in the comfort of your own home.

This plan does not include follow up support.

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Digital Download

Easy to follow routines that will help you navigate your way through your little ones day. This covers each age from 6 weeks through to 3 years.

A great reference for parents who have had other children and need a refresher on how each age progresses!

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